August 31, 2014

#Israel - WaPo whitewashes plan to steal 1000 acres of #Palestinian land - August 31 2014

by Diane V. McLoughlin

Comment posted at 8:43 PM, August 31st, 2014.

One has to wonder, exactly when will the WaPo editorial board quit giving solace to Israel's criminal regime and start telling it like it is? The title of this piece, 'Israel proposes taking more West Bank land for Jewish settlers' [William Booth and Ruth Eglash; Washington Post; August 31, 2014] soft-peddles the horror.

A more accurate title and lead would read something like this:

'In a stunning act of betrayal within mere days of a ceasefire agreement, in a move reminiscent of Fascism's darkest days, Israel's hard-right leadership proposes stealing a whopping 1,000 acres of Palestinian land to further displace the native population. The long-term aim is clearly meant to replace the indigenous Palestinian people with Jewish European squatters.  This will only further cement the current apartheid system, frustrating the efforts of moderates on both sides working for human rights, security and peace'.

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