August 27, 2014

Child deaths - #Gaza 577 - #Israel 1 - and yet -- August 26 2014

by Diane V. McLoughlin

Gaza has suffered massive loss, particularly in the catastrophic numbers of children killed during Operation Protective Edge, Israel's latest and most brutal assault on the besieged Gaza Strip. 577 children in Gaza are now deceased, versus Israel's loss of one child.

And yet a columnist with Haaretz, one Amir Oren (any relation to Michael Oren of the exploding toasters claim?) can still write this:

'...for Israel the experience has been more stomach-turning.'

Israel is the one with the greater indigestion?!

In fact, there is not a straight line of clear analysis in the piece.  Logic and ethics seem to bounce around all over the place with no discernable personal conviction apparent, but perhaps this provides a fair representation of attitudes and opinions of the country as a whole.

There is no 'next time' if Israel does what it should:  Lift the siege of Gaza, end the occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem and permit the right of return to Palestinians forced to flee their homes in 1948.

Ironically, on the same page as Oren's commentary, an organization advertises that it assists with Holocaust second-generation reparations claims ( - dispensing with any notions that too much time has passed for Israel to be obligated by international law to give back anything of what belongs to the Palestinian people.

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