Diane V. McLoughlin is a writer with a particular focus on national conflicts, international law and justice, human and civil rights, economics, foreign trade and development, and foreign affairs. She is particularly interested in Israel-Palestine.

Principles: All people deserve and are entitled to equal treatment: to be treated justly, equitably, and with dignity and mutual respect. Peace is not only possible, it is imperative we seek it in the interests of humanity's survival, particularly with the advent mankind's acquiring nuclear, biological and chemical weapons capabilities.

In North America, there is a tremendous gap in coverage of the Palestinian experience. It is important that this knowledge gap be filled in order for the West to understand, and thus effectively mediate and bring forward just and equitable proposals with a view to resolving the conflict.

The United States donates over three billion in tax dollars to Israel every year, much of it in the form of military hardware. Israel could not so easily continue to oppress the Palestinians or uproot them without it. The majority of Americans are fair-minded people. If they knew the current situation in Israel, that there was oppression and racism and a form of apartheid operating there, American support would swiftly end.

Israel's current foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, lives in an illegal settlement on confiscated Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank. These squatters get to vote and influence Israel's political decisions, decisions which include whether or not to continue the military occupation and illegal settlement expansions in the occupied West Bank. Palestinians, of course, are excluded from having a say.  They do not have the vote. The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) is used to prevent any attempt at self-defense.

Israel grows ever more extreme and blatantly genocidal in outlook.  The current Deputy Speaker of Israel's parliament (the Knesset), Moshe Feiglin, openly calls for the expulsion of the 1.8 million men, women and children Palestinian refugees in Gaza, in his essay, 'My Outline for a Solution for Gaza'; [Moshe Feiglin, July 15, 2014, jewishisrael.org], written in the midst of Israel's latest military assault on Gaza euphemistically dubbed, 'Operation Protective Edge'.

Mr. Feiglin believes Gaza should be depopulated of the current people living there and that Gaza should be repopulated with Jews.  They can go into the Sinai desert; it would be of no concern to him from a humanitarian perspective what happens to them after that.

Now, it should be understood that the people of Gaza are refugees driven out of Israel and they have been kept under military lockdown to varying degrees ever since.  It is this brutal military siege that is at the heart of the conflict between Israel and Gaza.

Far from being rebuked for his outrageous views, Mr. Feiglin recieved a promotion to a cabinet position on the Foreign Affairs and Security Committee, July 15, 2014, by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - the latter of whom, in recent years was found boasting in Hebrew while relaxing talking to settlers over tea that he took full credit for scuttling the last round of peace talks at Oslo. ['Netanyahu admits on video he deceived US to destroy Oslo accord'; analysis by Jonathan Cook; includes a copy of the Youtube clip [9mins]; thenational.ae; July 18, 2010.]

This writer fears for the Jewish remnant due to the unjust and immoral aims of misguided individuals.  

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