July 04, 2011

Setting Sail on Gaza's Sea of Spin - Ethan Bronner - New York Times

Diane V. McLoughlin - my comment (number 7) to the article, 'Setting Sail on Gaza's Sea of Spin'; Ethan Bronner; July 2, 2011; New York Times: 

Such a mensch is Israel, doubling the daily ration of gruel to Gaza's babies. But if you're from Gaza don't try to go fishing or ship out trade from within your own territorial waters or Israel will blow you away. While Hamas has again and again offered a long-term calm, the Likud Charter continues to claim all the land of the Palestinian people. Accept a calm?! But then we must give up our claim to all the land! Yes? So. Do they accept the calm? No. They choose to oppress, to mistreat, to discriminate, to spit upon, to run down, to beat, to steal and to kill - with three billion American donated tax dollars in weaponry each and every year. There is not one point to the humanitarian flotilla effort but rather two: To bring supplies such as medicine - that is part of it. But it is also the physical of helping to free Gaza just by going there. The latter point is as simple as it is profound. It is why Israel fights it tooth and nail. It's kind of like getting up and going to sit at the front of the bus when you've been told it's against the law by virtue of your race. One might say, 'That's it? You just walked up the aisle? This is the big deal?' It must be understood: It's everything. And Israel knows it.

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