July 04, 2011

Gaza Flotilla Blind to Hamas - Arsen Ostrovsky - The Australian.com

Diane V. McLoughlin - Sharing below the comment I submitted to the article, 'Gaza Flotilla Blind to Hamas'; Arsen Ostrovsky; June 24, 2011;  theaustralian.com. (It doesn't look like the comments section was open very long, so it probably won't appear there) -

 The fast and loose toying with the facts in Ostrovsky's piece is breathtaking to behold. Not from him will we learn of the Likud Charter that lays claim to all the land of the Palestinian people, the principle cause of strife there. The blockade and military siege of Gaza is no less odious, no less illegal, than the Nazi siege of the Warsaw Ghetto. He says Shalit? I say THOUSANDS of Palestinian political prisoners including women and children. He says humanitarian aid is 'allowed' in? I concur with writer Abunimah that this is treating human beings as animals in cages. He condemns the shelling of a school bus, but of course will shed crocodile tears for the 'regrettable loss of civilian life' when taken by Israel. He says there is no humanitarian or legal rationale for the flotilla - a big, fat lie. He says rockets? Another lie. Hamas abided by the last ceasefire. Israel girded to break it, murdering hundreds. Israel's collective punishment of Gaza, its occupation of the West Bank, is evil incarnate. Australians should be fed up to here with the lies that cover for Israel's crimes.
- Diane V. McLoughlin, writer, website http://www.mcloughlinpost.com/

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