May 27, 2010

No-state Netanyahu

by Diane V. McLoughlin

Netanyahu was already scheduled to schmooze in Canada. Thus, this USA Today fluff about Netanyahu being invited by Rahm Emanuel to visit the White House, last minute as it were, appears to be a photo-op sop for something already long in the works. It should be clearly understood that Netanyahu is not a man of peace. He is a tribalist chieftain of an apartheid state. It is not necessarily so that the opinions of the father are always adopted whole-cloth by the son, but Emanuel's father is on record inferring that Arabs are lower lifeforms than himself - a representative sample of the attitude of Israel's extremist ruling faction, a faction that in recent days has been categorized by one human rights organization as being the most racist in the entire history of the State of Israel.

Through the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians by Israel, who have been squeezed into razor-wire enclosed ghettos surrounded by IDF armed guards, Israel herelf has seen to it that a two-state solution is a virtual impossibility. The violent, racist settlers, one might note, have the vote, while the oppressed Palestinians in their own lands in the West Bank do not. The situation is unsustainable. A one-state solution with equal rights for both Jews and Palestinians is the only viable solution left open. This intrinsically peaceful and democratic proposal is virulently attacked by those who support the racist status quo; those who propose a peaceful one-state solution are smeared with the tired charge of antisemitism - a spurious accusation made by those who would deflect calm political analysis of Israel's criminal behavior - at all costs.
Commenting on, 'Emanuel invites Netanyahu to the White House - The Oval: tracking the Obama Presidency'; Kathy Kiely; May 26, 2010, USA Today

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