May 27, 2010

BP - Obama's watershed moment

 by Diane V. McLoughlin; May 26, 2010

FTA: 'The laconic president is once more giving too much deference and trust to rapacious corporate scoundrels and failing to swiftly grasp and articulate the alarm of Americans.'

The above is a perfect description of the overall behavior of the Obama administration.

Deference; trust; friendships - these words are not in the handbook of ethical good governance - be it in private industry, the media or public service. Rather, they are words in that other handbook, the one which describes the ways in which we are led down the garden path to corruption and betrayal.

The President is scheduled to go to Louisiana on Friday. I predict it will be his watershed moment. Where 9/11 was seized to turn the country in the wrong direction, Obama must use the Gulf oil disaster to restore the country and make it whole again. He must get mad, take charge and clean house - save the Gulf, restore the government (and the Constitution.)

Obama must grasp hold of the country's problem and marshal the right people and resources to fix them; leaders such as Billy Nungesser, President of Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana - people who have the right stuff.

The one thing that must not happen is to assume we have the luxury of time.
Commenting on, 'Of Top Hats, Top Kills and Bottom Feeders'; Maureen Dowd; May 26, 2010; NYT

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