July 05, 2014

#Israel stop the killing of children [cross-post - 05-07-2014]

Stop the killing of children in Israel

                Letters to the Editor
          Austin American Statesman 
                      July 4, 2014

           By Tura Campanella Cook


'Re:  July 1 article, "Bodies of Israeli teens discovered in West Bank."

Killing children is wrong, as in the case of three Israeli teenagers.  That's also true of 1,384 Palestinian children killed by the Israeli military since 2000, as Israeli human rights group B'Tselem reports.That's one child killed every three or four days.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's
repeated calls for vengeance in the form of collective punishment - mass arrests, killings and even missile drops on Gaza - should trouble any person who believes in the law. This use of terror will not bring justice, nor make anyone safe.'

                       - Tura Campanella Cook

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