July 29, 2014

#Genocide of #Gaza - Letter by Spanish director Javier Bardem - July 25 2014

Reposted by Diane V. McLoughlin, July 29, 2014

Translation of the Open Letter by Spanish director, Javier Bardem, dated July 25, 2014, condemning the massacres in Gaza, which he rightly defines as a genocide. His letter was subsequently signed by 100 Spanish celebrities. As of today, there are over 42,000 Facebook shares.

Javier Bardem:

As horror is occurring in Gaza there is NO room 
for equidistance nor neutrality. It is a war of occupation 
and extermination against a people without means, 
confined to a minimum of land, without water and 
where hospitals, ambulances and children are 
targets and alleged terrorists. Hard to understand 
and impossible to justify. 

And the international community’s stance is 
embarrassing, allowing such genocide to happen.

I do not understand this barbarism, the Jewish people’s 
horrible history makes it even more cruelly 
incomprehensible. Only geopolitical alliances, 
that hypocrite mask of business making
- for instance arms trade - explain the shameful 
position of the USA, the European Union and Spain.

I know that the same people as always will 
delegitimize my personal right of opinion, 
because of that I would like to make the 
following clear to you:

Yes, my son was born in a Jewish hospital 
because I have dear people around me who are 
Jewish, and because being Jewish is not the same 
as supporting this massacre, just as being 
Hebrew is not the same as being a Zionist, 
and being a Palestinian does not mean being an 
Hamas terrorist. That would be as absurd as 
saying that being German links you to Nazism.

Yes, I work in the U.S., where I have friends 
and acquaintances who reject such interventions 
and aggressive policies. “One cannot invoke 
self defence while at the same time killing children”, 
one of them said to me on the phone just yesterday. 
And there are others with whom I discuss openly 
about our clashing points of view.

Yes, I am a European and I feel ashamed of a 
community that says it represents me with its silence and 
non-existent shame.

Yes, I live in Spain, paying my taxes, and I do not 
want my money to finance policies that support this 
barbarism and arms trade with other countries 
that are enriching themselves killing innocent children.

Yes, I am outraged, ashamed and hurt because 
of all the injustice and killing of human beings. 
Those children are our children. It is horror itself. 
I hope there will be compassion within the hearts 
of those who are killing and that the murderous 
poison that only creates more hatred and violence 
will disappear. That those Israelis and Palestinians 
who only dream of peace and coexistence 
some day will be able to share their solution.

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