July 27, 2014

How It Started - #OperationProtectiveEdge #Hamas #GazaUnderAttack #Israel - July 26 2014

Posted by Diane V. McLoughlin

An account from a young Palestinian man encapsulating the recent history of Israel - Palestine; how 'Operation Protective Edge' - Israel's most recent military assault on Gaza - began; and his experience of life under Israel's military occupation - as discovered in readers' comments on the Facebook page for Haaretz, a major news publication in Israel, on July 26, 2014:

                           Destruction in Gaza July 26, 2014 (Haaretz.com)

Bashar Ahmaro:

Hamas isn't and has never been the problem.  It's the consecutive Israeli 
governments, you wished for a more peaceful Palestinian government and
assumed things would be a lot better if it existed, the problem is that there 
is one!!! 

Hamas doesn't control all the Palestinian territories, 
Hamas only controls the Gaza strip, while the other main and bigger territory for
us is the West Bank, 
and its under the Palestinian Authority that is controlled predominantly by the 
Fatah faction. 

The government there has been so eager for a peaceful solution
 for the Palestinian people as the building of new
 illegal settlements on our lands and the
 killing of our people continued. Our President, Mahmoud Abbas, has expressed
thousands of times that he doesn't want to take the violence route, and he said
 that he prefers negotiations for a lasting and just peace. 

For 20 years he, and
 his Fatah faction have been negotiating for a Palestinian state that is only 22% of 
the old historical Palestine before Jewish people from around the world migrated 
and lived in these lands in the 40's; the Palestinian state would be established on 
the West Bank and Gaza.  

But what did Israel do since the Oslo Accords in 1993
 that preluded and made a foundation for peace between the two nations, which
 contained a mutual recognition between the PLO and Israel? 

There were only 
100,000 settlers living illegally in settlements in the West Bank; 20 years later the
 number has reach 600,000 new settlers through constant building of new illegal

Israel didn't stop at that, it built a wall that runs through the middle
 of our Palestinian towns and villages which made it even seen from most houses
 in our towns like what I used to see from my school windows everyday, making
 me feel like am living in a prison while I was growing up, annexing another 10%
 of our lands in the West Bank, separating friends and families from each other
 and making our daily life - education; business; transportation - a

Israel kept killing Palestinian children on a rate of 1 Palestinian every
 3 days for 13 years, the last sequence of deaths happened in the previous 2 

-In 15/5/2014, 2 Palestinian teenagers were killed by the Israeli army: Nadeem
 Nowara, 15 years old, and Mohammed abu Thaher, 16, in the West Bank -
[link: http://www.haaretz.com/news/national/.premium-1.598304. ].
This incident was
 even captured by the CNN reporters on the minute an Israeli soldier shot his rifle
 in the heart of one of the teenagers, this is the link for the CNN report if you
 would like to take a look at it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-
o29CJRZEf4... ;

-Plus the 5 killed in the manhunt for the three Israeli settlers - a 13 y/o child and
 a handicap among them [http://www.theguardian.com/.../palestinians-shot-
dead... ];

-Then Mohammed abu Khdeir that was burned alive by Israelis after the fate of 
the three settlers was revealed!  [http://www.theguardian.com/.../reported-
confessions... ]

Israelis had already killed 8 Palestinians before (which means Israel started)
 and after the death of the three settlers, and notice that all these killings took
 place in the WEST BANK where there is no Hamas and no rockets being fired at
 Israel nor any violent movements like Gaza!!

All this leads you to a conclusion that Israel is a brutal occupation, and has been
 making our lives miserable, through killing, torturing, and arresting our children,
 and illegal settlements and walls, ((((whether there is Hamas or not!))) Israel
 had the opportunity to make a long-lasting peace through 20 years but never 
chose to, it chose occupation and land grabbing!

After 60 years of occupation violence met violence, Hamas gained strength and
 decided to retaliate! It retaliated after the death of our two teens in Ramallah,
 Nadeem Nowara 15 , and Mohammed abu Thaher 16, a month before the three
 Israeli teens went missing ... that's how everything escalated, and that's why 
Hamas is firing "primitive homemade" rockets into Israel ...


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