June 22, 2013

NSA Criminal Activity - Ben Swann [Youtube 8mins]

June 20, 2013

'benswann.com - 'Asking the questions the rest of the media is

ignoring.' Even by the overreaching standards of the Patriot Act, 

Ben Swann demonstrates how the NSA's Prism program

is clearly illegal.

Excerpt, from transcript: 'Edward Snowden has captured headlines

across the country after the former NSA 

contractor revealed to the UK Guardian, the NSAʼs tracking and 

collection of personal 

information on hundreds of millions of Americans.

For the last week, every major news organization in America has 

begun a trial in the court of public opinion about the messenger. 

Very little has been said about his message. 

Plus, the question the media isnʼt asking: 

Who here actually committed a crime?


Full transcript: Criminal or whistleblower? Hero or traitor? -

Edward Snowden and the #NSA

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