March 19, 2013

My Neighbourhood - Official Trailer - A Just Vision Film About Occupied East Jerusalem

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Mohammed El Kurd is a Palestinian boy 
growing up in the neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah 
in the heart of East Jerusalem. When Mohammed 
turns 11, his family is forced to give up part of 
their home to Israeli settlers, who are leading 
a campaign of court-sanctioned evictions to 
guarantee Jewish control of the area.

Shortly after their displacement, Mohammed’s 

family and other residents begin peacefully 
protesting against the evictions, determined 
not to lose their homes for good. In a surprising 
turn, they are quickly joined by scores of Israeli 
supporters who are horrified to see what is being 
done in their name. Among them is Jewish 
West Jerusalem resident Zvi Benninga and his 
sister Sara, who develop a strong relationship 
with Mohammed and his family as they 
take on a leading role in organizing the protests.

Through their personal stories, My Neighbourhood 

goes beyond the sensational headlines that 
normally dominate discussions of Jerusalem and 
captures voices rarely heard, of those striving for 
a shared future in the city.

My Neighbourhood follows Mohammed as he comes 

of age in the midst of unrelenting tension and remarkable 
cooperation in his backyard. Highlighting Mohammed’s 
own reactions to the highly volatile situation, 
reflections from family members and other evicted 
residents, accounts of Israeli protesters and 
interviews with Israeli settlers, the film chronicles 
the resolve of a neighbourhood and the support 
it receives from the most unexpected of places.

My Neighbourhood is directed and produced by 

Rebekah Wingert-Jabi, who documented Mohammed’s 
story over two years, and acclaimed filmmaker 
Julia Bacha. It is the latest production by Just Vision, 
an award-winning team of Palestinian, Israeli, 
North and South American filmmakers, journalists 
and human rights advocates dedicated to telling 
the stories of Israelis and Palestinians working 
nonviolently to achieve security, freedom and peace 
in the region.

Learn more about Just Vision's award-winning 

feature-length documentaries Budrus and Encounter Point

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