August 29, 2012

Romney Obama Paul The Elites Corruption And The Bomb

by Diane V. McLoughlin
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August 29, 2012

The military-industrials sector, the political class and the banks are pulling off a neat trick - a shell game. There is little substantive difference between Romney and Obama.  

Their apologists raise the issue of Ron Paul's support for bringing back a gold-backed dollar. They say it's wacko, hoping that voters will believe them and that, as a result, voters would ignore almost every other pertinent thing. 

Every time one hears of 'economic easing' it means that, in reality, they are watering down the value of the dollar - a hidden tax on you and me. Ron Paul's idea is to prevent them from so impoverishing us. If you think about it, it's not so easy to water down gold.

Not all issues are equal, of course.  Ron Paul wanted to save us from ourselves by restoring sanity to our foreign policy. Our military 'adventurism' is often described as reckless. Thinking we can boss everybody and control all the world's riches is not sane.  
Ringing nuclear-armed Russia with missiles.  Not sane. Positioning the military for future dreams of challenging nuclear-armed China. Is that sane?  Refusing to compute that Russia and China, of necessity, are increasingly allying their interests. (One senses a trend.)

Judge not by what they say, but by what they do - the better test. What happened with the cheating throughout the Republican leadership contest, and, ultimately, against Ron Paul delegates in the end at the Republican National Congress, in Tampa, Florida - is not symptomatic of the GOP. I don't think so. It's symptomatic of the fact that we are headed straight to lawlessness, war and hell. Ron Paul wanted to stop it. Or try, anyway. All the while, he was smeared and mocked in the popular press. Meanwhile, during the 2012 Republican leadership campaign, tens of thousands in California alone turned out to hear Ron Paul share his message in a matter of days. This was the norm.

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