August 02, 2012

Joe Klein TIME - Mittwit rant - Senority

Joe Klein TIME - Mittwit rant - Senority 
August 2, 2012
by Diane V. McLoughlin,
For what passes as measured discourse on Israel in the corporate press, Joe Klein's article, 'Senority', is pretty good.  Slanted toward the occupying status quo; inclined to blame the Palestinian victims - but still, good.  
He points out that Palestinians are every bit as enterprising and hard-working as Jews, citing examples. He extrapolates the irony regarding just how much Palestinians and Jews share in common.
And the concluding paragraph is superb. Klein skewers Romney for his racist views regarding the Palestinian people:
'Romney’s ignorance of these details, and his willingness to associate himself with extremist grotesques like Sheldon Adelson, raise serious questions about his ability to conduct a wise and measured foreign policy.'
The Daily Show's Jon Stewart works it on Mitt Romney's disastrous overseas jaunt:
“Again, Romney appears to be saying while Palestinian despair has its roots in their culture, God is also holding them down,” Stewart noted. “Or, if you prefer to look at the converse, Israel’s economic progress is evidence of the hand of providence — going to assume that all the horrible shit that happened to the Jews prior to that was the hand of providence’s middle finger.” 
[As seen in, 'Jon Stewart mocks Romney's Israel gaffes: Jews are culturally money-making motherf*ckers'; Raw Story's Eric W. Dolan, July 31, 2012 -- includes the clip.]
However, Mr. Klein commits a rather large journalistic gaffe himself. Missing in his article is the bit that Romney hasn't actually won the nomination yet. 
One-term governor Mitt Romney's opponent is twelve-term congressman Ron Paul - the real political giant - as is so patently obvious in this August 1st, 2012 floor speech in the House of Congress:  

'Congressman Ron Paul's Speech Against Iran Sanctions'

Aside to the national leadership of the Republican Party:
Vote fraud and other political dirty tricks by embeds in the Republican Party system is going to go down in history - with names and dates - that's guaranteed. It's not too late to do the right thing.  Shut down the shenanigans going on in state after state, trying to strip elected Ron Paul delegates of their duties only to replace them with unelected Romney moles - before it hits the courts (and it's headed there.)  
Ron Paul won the votes and the delegates to qualify. There should be no equivocating by the Republican Party about placing Ron Paul's name on the ballot for the Republican National Congress taking place, in Tampa, Florida in just a few weeks' time.
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Joe Klein's 'Senority' - Full Article:

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