July 05, 2012

RNC Nationwide Search ALL National Delegates - RON PAUL MITT ROMNEY

All National Delegates and Alternate delegates are urged to join in the lawsuit representing the delegates. [Legal representation is being provided for free.]

The lawsuit now in the 9th circuit courts and has already over 300 plaintiffs who are asking a federal judge to affirm the law that delegates are free to vote their conscience free from fear, coercion or intimidation. For more information, please visit:


[Although this is an effort initiated by Ron Paul supporters, the principles being defended affect all delegates.]

Also, if you saw anybody do something that they shouldn't have done at a precinct, county convention, congressional meeting or state convention please contact us as soon as possible.

People signed onto to this lawsuit - the plaintiffs - will be recognized forever in America history as heroes who stood up for the rights of delegates to be unbound and free to vote their conscience.

The people who participate in the lawsuit are courageous patriots who are now apart of the most important political Presidential election in the history of world and have much in common with Thomas jefferson and Ron Paul.

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