May 21, 2012

APs Romney vs Paul Delegate Count Sucks Lemons

by Diane V. McLoughlin,

May 20th, 2012

According to the latest from Lemon Global News, Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul is closing in fast on competitor Mitt Romney. Here are their current delegate-count estimates, as above:

Column 1, scenario one: An estimate based on the assumption
that Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, candidates
who have withdrawn from the leadership race, both refuse to release
their delegates. (Released delegates would be able to vote for either
of the two remaining candidates at the Republican National Convention.
Where: Tampa, Florida. When: August, 2012.) Under this scenario,
as of May 20th, 2012, Romney is estimated to have 815 delegates to Paul's 676.

Column 2, scenario two: Gingrich releases his delegates but Santorum does not. May
20th delegate count: Romney 834 delegates; Paul 681.

Column 3, scenario three: Santorum and Gingrich both release their delegates. May 20th delegate count: Romney 895; Paul 764.

While Lemon Global News cautions that it is impossible to ever achieve a complete count - which is absolutely true, for several practical reasons - theirs is still far and away more accurate than that supplied to the mainstream media by the Associated Press.

If they rectify this, I will be the happiest of independent political writers to share the news with my readers. But, to-date, the AP refuses to update their numbers based on the final results of state-wide conventions.

From precinct, to county and ultimately to state-wide elections, the latter of these are the only numbers that count in this electoral winnowing process.

AP journalists do stellar work. That the AP delegate count is the gospel for most major
publications, and the fact that it is entirely wrong, is a severe blot
on AP's record. It is also, needless to say, damaging to the records of the many news organizations who are using their numbers; publications such as
The Huffington Post and, if I recall correctly, The New York Times.

Click to view Huff Post's AP-based electoral map, and one can peruse the egregious errors. Ron Paul has definitively won states such as Maine, Iowa,
Minnesota and Nevada. Wand a cursor over these states and the dates for final results, as well as the results themselves, are a mile out.

By my own count, totting up other reports, Ron Paul garnered 59 delegates just this weekend alone. He has had amazing showings in some states - cleaning
house in Minnesota and reportedly taking every single delegate in Maine. However, it is also true that Ron Paul has done poorly in other states.

What it boils down to is a far more exciting horse race than most people realize. This should come as a shock to the average voter, given the appalling reporting
in much, although not all, of the mainstream press.

Hat tip to Lemon Global News.


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  1. Thank you for posting the actual delegate count. People in this country are woefully uneducated about the process and what's real. I include myself in that, but I'm working on it out of fear of what is, and excitement of what can be. I'm running as alternate delegate in my district. I'm discusted by mainstream media and their corruption of the "news". Every mention of a candidate is free advertising, and they give that to every candidate but Ron Paul. I still meet people every day who haven't heard of him. He's better known in Europe than in America. If the media can't report without bias, they need to change careers!

  2. I have to say that it's been a steep learning curve for me as well with regard to the delegate process, etc. It is awesome that you are jumping in and getting involved. Amazing. Totally agree re the mainstream media, too. Thanks for your terrific comment!