April 01, 2012

Hana Shalabi: Pieta of Palestine

April 1, 2012

                                                  Hana Shalabi
                                       Rushdi Sarraj, Photographer
                                      Facebook Page:  Eye on Gaza
Caption for the above: 

             Palestinian medics tend to Hana Shalabi inside an ambulance after she  crossed into Gaza at Erez border crossing between Israel and northern Gaza Strip April 1, 2012. Shalabi, held by Israel without charges, was deported to the Gaza Strip on Sunday under a deal that ended her 44-day hunger strike.

                                                       'The Pieta'

                                        Luis de Morales [1520 - 1586]

In Christian art, a Pieta is a representation of Mary
grieving over the body of her son Jesus after his Crucifixion. 


In 2009, Hana Shalabi was detained by Israel without charge or trial. Twenty-five months in detention Israel released Ms. Shalabi, along with other Palestinian political prisoners, in exchange for Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. 

In a double-cross, Israel re-arrested her and other freed political prisoners, locking them up without charge or trial, again.

Israel waited until Hana was at the point of death from a hunger strike before releasing her today - to three years' political exile in Gaza - a further violation of her human rights. Ms. Shalabi's home is in the Occupied West Bank.

In 2005, Hana Shalabi's brother was killed by the IDF.

                                                -Diane V. McLoughlin, mcloughlinpost.com
'Israel deports Islamic Jihad hunger striker to Gaza'; Jerusalem Post staff;
April 1, 2012 (disgraceful comments are posted in response to the JPost article.)

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