March 17, 2012

Presidential candidate Ron Paul - Principles Versus Pundits

by Diane V. McLoughlin, March 17th, 2012  

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In yesterday's edition of the Chicago Tribune, an *article on the Republican leadership race boasts  potentially record-breaking attribution to five(!) in-house reporters.  Maybe that's how many it takes to successfully screw with the facts.  Otherwise, one wonders how it is that five reporters, working on one story, can still manage to miss mention of presidential candidate Ron Paul, a candidate recently pegged by conservative political commentator Tucker Carlson as 'dangerous'; which is to say a potent political force not to be underestimated.

But what about Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich? 
A vote for Mitt 'multiple-choice' Romney is a vote for President Obama.  With all Romney's millions, he can't get voters to warm to him.

Rick Santorum can't beat President Obama, either. Santorum recently claimed that the Constitutional provisions separating church and state make him want to hurl.  He sounds like too much of a religious radical.  That is not going to sell in a general election. While the best the Trib can come up with to plump Santorum's cred is 800 people showing up this week for a Chicago-area dinner - which, grant you, isn't bad -Ron Paul's speech at the University of Illinois drew a raucous crowd of 5,000-plus.

Newt Gingrich was drummed out of public office by his own party, back when he was Speaker. He was fined hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for ethics violations, too.  Although, asking his second wife for a divorce while she was recouperating from cancer surgery in hospital is also impressive. It certainly impresses me, although not really in a good way.

Ron Paul polls highest amongst the largest bracket of voters these days: independents.  He's a strict constitutionalist. He believes in equal rights and individual liberty. Ron Paul wants to bring the troops home. He gets more campaign donations from the active military than all the other candidates put together.  Ron Paul is the only candidate to have served active duty. Ron Paul is Christian like the rest of the candidates. He just seems to not to want to use the fact of his faith for political gain. He is a faithful husband, a father, and grandfather.  Dr. Paul has delivered 4,000 babies during his medical career.  He is into his twelfth-term as a congressman from Texas. His economic proposals garner accolades from economists and investors. In several recent polls Ron Paul is running even with, or polling better than, President Obama. 

The latest political ad from The RevolutionPac [31 secs.]:

What more can be said about Ron Paul?  The last word:

 "One of the most principled men I have ever met."

                - Illinois Congressman Tim Johnson, in his endorsement of Ron Paul for President of the United States.

*Presidential campaign takes center stage in Chicago area today - ; by Tribune reporters Kristen Mack, Monique Garcia, Rick Pearson, Bill Ruthhart and Becky Schlikerman, March 16, 2012.

Youtube:  Ron Paul

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