January 16, 2012

Ron Paul on MLK - Diane V. McLoughlin response to Frum

by Diane V. McLoughlin

January 16, 2012

The following, is in response to neocon David Frum's hit-piece against top-tier (and surging) Republican leadership candidate, Ron Paul:

Republican leadership candidate, published author and twelve-term congressman, Dr. Ron Paul is a humanitarian who cares deeply about fairness and justice, including for minorities. Ron Paul is adamantly opposed to any further unnecessary, costly and immoral aggressive war.  So, as some black commentators so succinctly put it, they (the Washington Establishment) are scared to death of Ron Paul. 

Couple of things. there is, as other writers have pointed out, dispute about who wrote what, when, in the twenty-year old 'Ron Paul' newsletters. The newsletters were not a one-man operation.  It is dishonest sleight-of-hand that Mr. Frum doesn't forthrightly point this out, along with the fact that Ron Paul says he didn't write the offending passages, doesn't agree with them, and believes that MLK was a hero.  It is interesting to note that the quotes that are referred to by Mr. Frum do not, in fact, object to the color of Martin Luther King Jr.'s skin. They object to what the writer believed was the content of King's character, based, one can only assume, on what was spread around by spies in the government of the time. 
But let's talk about Mr. Frum, for a moment.  David Frum is a Canadian neocon who, so far as I can tell, is just another armchair quarterback - from another country no less - who is never satisfied with enough American young people being sent off to die in endless hyped-up war.

David Frum was George W. Bush's speech writer for a time. It was Mr. Frum who coined the now notorious smear 'axis of evil', that helped kicked things off on the grandest of military scales. He is, in short, full of it. And I, like many, are full up to here with pinheads like him pushing for more war.  This time they want war with Iran. China and Russia have made it known that they will not be able to sit this next one out.

Nate Silver is another hitman, over at the New York Times, dragging his own slanted garbage all over the media. One notes the warm welcome he recieves over at CNN.  As but one example of Mr. Silver's smears, distortions and omissions, he touted in one of his reports that Newt Gingrich had 4.2 odds, on a bookmaker's website. Well, that's interesting, I thought.  So I checked.  Ron Paul was a tenth of one percent behind - 4.1 - a virtual tie - yet mystery of mysteries, no honest reporting by Mr. Silver on that.

Ron Paul is a threat to the status quo. By and large, you are not going to get the straight goods on Ron Paul from the mainstream press, period. It's a joke.  In fact, during the last Republican leadership campaign, a main slogan for Ron Paul was 'Google Ron Paul'.  Jon Stewart and others make wildly hilarious observations regarding the blatant  outright refusal to even say the name of this top-tier contender, who's numbers continue to rise by the day.

'Jon Stewart Shows How Ron Paul is Feared by The NWO Mafia Controlled Mainstream Media - YouTube - 408,279 views - and counting!

Ron Paul is the only candidate who has pledged that if he is elected president he will pardon all non-violent drug offenders in federal prison, why? Because the justice system has been wildly unfair to poor, ethnic and black communities, where they are responsible for 14% of drug crimes, and yet represent over 60% of the prison population. He changed his mind on the death penalty, too, once DNA evidence came on stream and proved that innocent people had been put to death who wouldn't have if they had money or were white (or both.)

Of the Republican leadership candidates, Ron Paul is the only one with the economic know-how to tackle the country's economic woes, and he is definitely the only candidate that intends to treat other countries the way America would wish to be treated - a foreign policy based on the Golden Rule.  He's the only one.  The media is owned lock, stock and barrel by the special interests out to get Ron Paul. So it's up to you.  Tell your friends and family.  Donate to his campaign.  Register as a Republican if you are able.  It is up to you.

For more information about Ron Paul, please visit:  ronpaul2012.com

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