January 10, 2012

Ron Paul expresses gratitude to cheers in New Hampshire

   by Diane V. McLoughlin
New Hampshire, January 10th, 2012:  Clearly delighted, in his speech thanking his supporters Ron Paul spoke about freedom; the deplorable state of the economy; ending all the destructive wars abroad which do nothing but make enemies while weakening security at home.
Ron Paul spoke about how liberty means we should be able to live out our lives as each sees fit. To believe what we want to believe - or not believe. He stated if we pulled back the funding of the Military Industrial Complex, we would still maintain a robust defense, without the corrupt enriching themselves while demanding more profitable war.
And, he said if we do that, maybe the country would be able to maintain social services such as healthcare. But if we don't end the wars, the country will go broke.
The twelve-term Congressman thanked his supporters. Dr. Paul said he always tried to do the right thing, but - clearly, deeply moved - he had no idea [so many who believed what he did] were out there - the crowd roared - and he left the stage waving, with a grin from ear to ear. 


At time of writing:  With 81% of electoral districts reporting, the results for the top three finishers in New Hampshire, are as follows: 

            Mitt Romney 38.3%  Ron Paul 23.2%  Jon Huntsman 17%, with all other candidates in the single digits.  - dvm

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