August 13, 2010

Today's NYT's pro-war editorial: The State of War (Afghanistan) - comment No. 68

by Diane V. McLoughlin, August 13, 2010

68:  Comments posted before me have analysed and brilliantly debunked every argument in this NYT pro-Afghanistan war editorial.

Points made: Afghanistan did not cause 9-11. We impoverish ourselves, armaments manufacturers excepted, while unnecessarily destroying a third-world country. Our government has repeatedly lied to us - there is no acceptable rationale for attacking Afghanistan. Vietnam, not Afghanistan, was America's longest war - we learned nothing from it and repeat many of the same mistakes. The American people are against the Afghanistan war. The disconnect between the voters' wishes and the power elite is complete; so I would add, this is no democracy.

Another item: a huge oil deposit has been 'discovered' in Northern Afghanistan. Meanwhile, as per usual, the Chinese - brilliance, plus - slip quietly in the back door, signing deals to extract natural resources - as we should. Apparently impoverishing ourselves, risking the lives of our young people, and taking the lives of Afghanis is our idea of taking the higher road.

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