August 20, 2010

Today - NYT comment No. 70 Islamic Center Exposes Mixed Feelings

Comment (link) by Diane V. McLoughlin, August 20, 2010

The cultural center must be built, as is, where is.

The cultural center is not the problem here. The problem is the country is deteriorating because the people have been lied to, for so long, that they no longer know what is true.

As Ground Zero is on the New York Times' home turf, I hold it highly responsible.

When 9-11 occurred, the thing of utmost importance that needed to transpire, above and beyond anything else - from a news organization's perspective - was to analyse why it occurred. All the other questions were addressed: How, where, who, when, what?

On too many fronts, 'why' has been MIA in the mainstream American press for too long. Why did 9-11 happen? Why did they do it?

They hate us for our 'freedoms', was a direct insult, a slap in the face, to the collective intelligence.

The answers, should a news organization care to look for them, were simple and easy to obtain. Osama bin Laden published his 'Letter to America' itemizing, in a short list, what he viewed as America's crimes.

Even now, the New York Times doesn't want to discuss it. My comment to Douthat's 'Two Americas' several days ago, was censored.

Bin Laden had three top reasons for the 9-11 attack. Woefully few are the numbers of Americans that know them. I'll get to Barack Obama's shamefully inadequate response to the mosque controversy in a second.

I forget the order, but One: America is directly responsible for the murders of 500,000 Iraqi children. That is, a half-million children, not counting the adults, we killed in the ten-year military bombing and siege campaign we waged against Saddam Hussein's Iraq under President Clinton.

We bombed the water treatment plants - in a place that is in large part desert. We embargoed children's vaccines.

It is important to understand what we did: We waged biological warfare against Iraq's most vulnerable citizens. As night follows day, they died.

Two: We assist in buttressing the non-democratic regime in Saudi Arabia
- bin Laden is/was a Saudi citizen.

Three: Our direct financial and military support of Israel's ongoing oppression and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people (to the tune of 3 billion in U.S. tax-dollars, most in military hardware, each and every calendar year.)

9-11 was blowback. It was not, it had not, anything to do with Islam or Muslims. They happened to be Muslims. 9-11 was not part of a holy war to spread the faith or to destroy anothers'.

So three-thousand murdered over here, apparently this is sufficient for us to go to war over there.

But we kill 500,000 children over there before that, and you are going to sit there on your couch and tell me that they'll suck it up? There isn't an American on this planet that would think that - if they knew.

But Americans, instead, have been encouraged on the sly to assume that it's Muslims that are the enemy. They aren't the enemy. They are victims, just like good-hearted Americans have been hoodwinked - by their own government.

Obama should be ashamed of himself. When it reached his ears that some Americans wrongly had been led to believe that he is Muslim, he should have come out and challenged the bigots: So what? So what if I were? You got a problem with Muslims? What, you some kind of racist?

Instead, he reinforces the notion that Islam is somehow less desirable, not me, I'm no Muslim, deepening the threat to everybody's liberty because either we're all free, or none of us are secure in our freedom.

Now why would he do that?

Hopefully, you get the idea.


*Comment No. 70.  In response to, 'Islamic Center Exposes Mixed Feelings Locally'; Paul Vitello, NYT; Aug. 20, 2010

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