August 11, 2010

Israel - Obstruction One, Peace Blank

 by Diane V. McLoughlin

August 11, 2010:  The New York Times appears to be stuck in some sort of fantastical time-warp, while Israel's master planners have marched on. There are over 500,000 illegal Jewish colonizers on stolen Palestinian land in the West Bank. There is, interestingly, not one word about that wrinkle in your two-state argument.

The two-state solution is dead. See the Youtube where Netanyahu is caught telling settlers that he 'killed Oslo', proudly so. I feel it important enough to have it front-paged.

Abbas? Abbas has no mandate. For him to deal on behalf of the Palestinian people would be a criminal act, it would seem to me. Abbas's political term in office expired many months ago. A new election must be held.

As for the continued attempts to de-legitimize Hamas, that they are, quote: 'rejectionist rivals', does not square with Reuters' report in May, 2010:

'Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal has stated explicitly that the Palestinian Islamist group will end its armed struggle against Israel if the Jewish state withdraws from Palestinian land it occupied in the 1967 Middle East War.' (1)

Israel is an Apartheid regime, with rights, privileges and the vote for Jews and none for occupied Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.

*Comment 104 to NYT editorial, 'President Abbas and Peace Talks'; August 11, 2010

(1) 'Hamas renews offer to end fight if Israel withdraws'; Reuters; May 30, 2010

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