August 25, 2010

Youtube clip ABC Primetime - How Muslims Are Treated In USA

An encouraging note to the majority of Americans:

In this video, in an experiment by the American television station ABC News,
far more Americans speak out than don't, in a shop,
against the hateful discrimination of the shop worker who refuses to serve
the young Muslim woman wanting to shop there.  (see at 3 min..)

One who speaks out is a man whose son served in Iraq. He is reduced to tears at the thought
that anyone in America would be treated this way; that this is not what his
country stands for (5 min. 20 secs.)   He would be apoplectic if he knew that
his son was used as a tool to destroy an entire country to get at its oil reserves,
as well as to maintain the evil Zionist regime in Israel which continues to ethnically cleanse
the Palestinian people.

                                                 - Diane V. McLoughlin, August 28, 2010

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