July 19, 2010

Q's to Tony Blair, OQR - on Aid, Siege, Natural Gas and Gaza

July 19, 2010 siege

Mr. Tony Blair, Office of the Quartet Representative,

I am writing for clarification re the OQR's recent suggestions that all attempts to get aid into Gaza
be directed to 'established' channels.

Israel denies entry of essentials.

Aid workers and humanitarians want to go around the entry points that Israel continues to illegally control,
in order, presumably, to get aid in that Israel keeps out.

So, if aid is directed to established entry points, then aid - pencils, paper, notebooks, ink, computers,
cement, etc., etc., etc. - will continue to be kept out by Israel.

Yes or no?

If yes, in what ways does encouraging aid efforts to, in effect, cease, do anything to boost the OQR's position in pushing a just peace, in your opinion?

If, on the other hand, the OQR has enjoyed substantive success in pushing Israel forward on easing restrictions on Gaza, what are they and toward what ultimate end? Can we foresee a complete lifting of the siege, and if so, when?

Last question: What does the OQR have to say about Israel's reported theft of Gaza's natural gas
deposits off-shore? Surely funds generated by its harvest and sale would go a long way to improving
the lives of Gaza's citizens, and so deflate emotions caused by want, fear and a life of economic uncertainty?

Diane V. McLoughlin editor, mcloughlinpost.com

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