July 18, 2010

Comment - On cooking glaciers

Commenting on New York Times' Nicholas D. Kristof's, 'Our Beaker is Starting to Boil'; July 18, 2010:

Enjoyed your article on global warming and retreating glaciers with resultant water scarcity and crop failure. You allude to soot from smoke as one source of glacier melt - black soot settles on white glaciers absorbing heat from the sun. You're a bang-for-your-buck maximal help for humanity kind of guy. Perhaps a future column on the campaign to replace a major soot contributor - hundreds of thousands (millions?) of cooking fires - with (solar? natural gas? - I forget) cleaner energy cooking solutions for Asia's rural masses. Would no doubt improve maternal/family health from breathing cleaner air, too.

              - Diane V. McLoughlin, editor, mcloughlinpost.com

Good backgrounder: 'World's Pall of Black Carbon Can Be Eased with New Stoves'; Jon R. Luoma, Mar. 8, 2010; published in Yale Environment 360;discusses drive by scientific and business communities to come up with cheap, more environmentally friendly stoves to reduce enviromental soot and improve human health.

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