June 02, 2010


Second comment in two days censored by New York Times comment editors - 495+ comments otherwise published.

by Diane V. McLoughlin

June 2, 2010:  Author Brian Steltor, sorry, but your stance, and Israel's hasbara (propaganda) brigade, falls square in the addage: If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with B.S. - you wonder who started it - by trying to judge via whatever video you can get your hands on. Anything captured on video on the Freedom Flotilla boats between humanitarians bearing charity for the suffering people under Israel's ruthless military siege is after the first move - Israel's millitary piracy invading the boats - armed to the teeth.  They had no right.  How the victims chose to defend themselves is entirely moot.
'After raid, videos carry on the fight'; Brian Stelter; June 2, 2010; NYT

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