June 09, 2010

Regarding Hoyer's Take on the Gaza Flotilla Incident

by Diane V. McLoughlin, June 9, 2010

Fiction, from A - Z.

Israel attacked a flotilla of peaceful humanitarians bearing aid to the starving citizens of Gaza. The IDF fired live rounds before the descent by rope onto the Marmara.

Humanitarians were shot direct hits to the head and back - some multiple times.

The number of dead is not 9. Three were shot and thrown overboard by the IDF. They are listed as 'missing'.

To say that unarmed humanitarians who defended themselves with whatever pathetic sticks were to hand against a lethal military force is patently absurd and an insult to one's intelligence.

Painful to witness anyone continue to defend this most illegal, loathsome crime against humanity - a military blockade and starvation of 1.5 million civilians - 48% of whom are aged 15 years and younger.

95% of the water is completely unfit for human consumption. We will witness what was wrought by the U.S. in the odious and illegal ten-year siege of Iraq - the children will begin to die, dropping like flies from disease compounded by malnutrition preventing their tiny bodies from putting up adequate defense
from microscopic invaders - otherwise known, Mr. Hoyer - as biological warfare.

Hamas is not a terrorist organization, and should never have been classified as such.

Hamas is the duly elected political representation of the people.

Not Abbas and the PA, or Fatah.

Hamas has repeatedly offered long-term ceasefires in exchange for the beginnings of normalization of relations with Israel and a lifting of the criminal siege.

Hamas abided by the 2008 ceasefire with Israel. That ceasefire was to lead to that very normalization - instead, the entire time, and with the complicity of the U.S. government - Israel girded for Gaza's utter destruction with U.S. donated weapons, including illegal ones - white phosphorous Mr. Hoyer, is
a chemical weapon.

The reason, Mr. Hoyer, that the humanitarians did not want Israel anywhere near their donated aid is that Israel would promptly confiscate it and refuse its entry into Gaza - which, of course, is precisely what has happened.

Last, a history lesson. We hear ad nauseum about poor Sderot, and what they have to put up with from those completely useless homemade rockets - one component of which is sugar for heaven's sake.

Well, Mr. Hoyer, the proper name for Sderot is actually Najd. That's what Sderot was called when Palestinian refugees currently languishing in Gaza used to live in peace in their village; before, that is, the IDF ethnically cleansed them out.

Sderot is Najd, occupied by illegal interlopers where Palestinian homes once stood. Those Palestinians
are being starved because they have the temerity to want to go home.

How about doing the right thing, Mr. Hoyer, and read the above on the floor: The truth.

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