June 06, 2010

In God We Trust Mr. President - All Others Pay Cash

Diane V. McLoughlin, comment No. 1 to, 'Don't Get Mad, Mr. President.  Get Even.'; Frank Rich, NYT; June 6, 2010

Hoping Obama reads today's Frank Rich - spot on. (Bob Herbert's on fire these days, too.)
Faith, trust, deference - in business or government?! Nuts. As Rich adroitly lays out, in BP's case also unnecessary; there is all kinds of evidence pointing to what kind of animal Obama is dealing with.

Otherwise, as my mother's second husband would sagely impart to me - rather interesting superior country tone - should he find me wailing about this slight or that betrayal, that everyone's an A-hole until they prove otherwise - eyebrow lift - few ever will. Made me feel better, actually.

Time to hang up the basketball shorts. President has the letter 'I' in it; team don't.

I found it most disturbing in his Larry King interview that Obama believes that it is his role not to 'interfere' in the workings of the Department of Justice. Really? You really want to let them get on with shredding what's left of the Constitution, Mr. President? Really? Want to give the faceless levers of the state the perpetual power to lock up anyone, including Americans, indefinitely without charge or trial? That's what's cooking now, in that black box. Hardly worth mentioning I suppose, that the right to assassinate Americans without charge or trial is cooking, too; have to say that I do not support this Presidential hand-washing of such critical Constitutional crimes.

 Found this in a 'shredding the constitution' Google image search, on a site I am unfamiliar with called 'SodaHead' - there was no attribution - brutal editorial cartoon.

As for the BP oil spill, sorry again, shades of Tony Hayward for the President to claim lots is being done. Russell Honore has it right: The U.S. must declare nothing less than war on this - in fact, by his astute assessment, he should immediately be put in charge.

McNamee, Getty Images

War means at least temporary receivership of BP. War cranks up industry to crank out weapons - in this case, materiel such as Kevin Costner's donated centrifuge inventions that are capable of doing the job of separating oil out of sea water on massive scale to something like 97% water purity.

Or the polymers that turn oil into a floating solid mat.

War mobilization. I would add the powers of no and yes, appropriately applied. Oh and thinking for yourself, too. That's a good one.

Don't trust. Expect. Get. Or else.

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