June 29, 2010

G20 Summit - When They Came For Them I Did Nothing...

by Diane V. McLoughlin

June 22, 2010:  The Ottawa Citizen editorial smears anyone with a criticism of the current state of Western Democracy (in essence) - claiming that at the G20 summit protesters were 'incompetent' at getting their messages across - rather than protesters' claims that all alternative views were repressed. (http://www.ottawacitizen.com/news/Empty+protest/3213722/story.html#comments)
The Ottawa Citizen, along with the rest of Canadian mainstream media (MSM), succeeded spectacularly in keeping every single protest message out. No one interviewed; no inconvenient pictures of the consequences of police brutality; no pictures of protest signs; no nothing. The Ottawa Citizen, CBC News, CTV et al - all an abomination and a disgrace.

We might have found that majorities of Canadians would not have agreed with this point of view or that one. But what should profoundly worry all Canadians far more is that they were denied the opportunity to hear these views to weigh and judge each one for themselves. It was a complete media blackout worthy of any totalitarian regime.

As for broken windows and the three burned police cars - interesting indeed to note that the police, numbered in the thousands, were absent entirely from the scene when these events took place, yet peaceful protesters numbering in the hundreds along with accredited journalists were rounded up, in some cases beaten, heads kicked in, bones broken, strip searched, threatened with rape, and even digitally penetrated; McGuinty's cabinet passes vastly expanded police powers that directly contravene our constitutional rights and protections, and he is allowed to refuse to discuss it, by you, the MSM, without even a whimper of journalistic protest.

Where is the cautionary reminder that Canadian security forces were caught red-handed planting agents provocateurs within protest marches at a past meeting held at Montebello, stopped by protesters from throwing rocks which were to be used to smear them all as just violent, no-mind anarchists? Nowhere.
The same allegations are surfacing, again.

Either you have sold your souls to the devil or you are being coerced by the state against your will. If the latter you should commit the ultimate in brave service to the state and its citizens by publicly saying so. The choice is as grim as it is absolute.

What you fail to realize is that you are not part of the inner circle. As it was so sadly and eloquently put in another time and place, when they came for them I did nothing. When they came for me it was too late.

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  1. When a group trades with another group, some self- salesman bureaucrat is bound to show up to scare us into "needing" them to protect us from something. They
    invent or point out simple problems, then spin their symptoms into permanten(ly lucrative) eternal "crises" for which we will need them as "crisis-relief management expert" Leaders. Making it official, the traders (us) suddenly need "Officials" to own it all "for us." When OUR elected "government officials vote
    on our behalf" to enable OTHERS to govern THEM (&, through them, us) i.e: to enable an unelected Stalinist Command-Economy "Global" government, they sell out US & our sovereignty. This is called Treason. So of course when we protest this treason, these sales-puppets have us beaten and arrested. & they pay fake
    'conservative capitalist' trolls to disparage our rights to protest this commumist totalitarian proposal! So: Well done, paid trolls!