June 27, 2010

G20 - Canadian news blackout on what the protests are all about

by Diane V. McLoughlin

June 26, 2010:  To All CBC/CTV News Anchors, Journalists, Reporters and Media Top Brass,

Welcome to Totalitarian Police State Canada. And thank you, Canadian mainstream media, for your participation and cooperation. With your acquiesance, free speech has been replaced with, how shall we say?, something more massaged, more comforting to the ruling class.
The crime of squelching the truth is not limited to the CBC. Coverage, or total lack thereof, interestingly, is identical at CTV, as well.
But most interestingly, although U.S.-based, CNN's brief snapshots look entirely different. There, we are actually privy to see on-screen what some of the protest signs look like, if nothing else.
In Canada? The only protest sign that got wide coverage was one - one! - for organized labor. And actually hear what any organization is protesting about? Forget it.
Israel-Palestine, oil wars/war crimes, environmental destruction, political corruption, undue corporate influence, foreign government moles, poverty, civil liberties, free speech, the shredding of constitutional rights - and agents provocateurs a la Montebello - thanks to Canada's flacid, timid, cowardly and cowering media we are blind, deaf and dumb; no harm of being exposed to uncomfortable truths.  
In Canada, Fascism is a lock.

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