June 02, 2010


Subtitle: Starving Writer Can't Give Facts on Gaza Away For Free - Comments Censored at New York Times

There were 768 comments accepted by the New York Times comment editors - but not this one - to the article, 'NYT: 'Pressure Mounts on Israel as Activists Vow to Test Blockade Again'; Isabel Kershner, Neil McFarquhar; June 1, 2010.

Censored NYT comment by writer Diane V. McLoughlin:

June 1st, 2010:  Netanyahu uses rocket-fire from Gaza as justification for continuing
the siege of Gaza's 1.5 million men, women and children (a crime against humanity known as collective punishment). He also uses Gaza rocketfire to justify the attack on the Freedom Flotilla which was attempting to bring humanitarian supplies such as wheelchairs, school supplies and building cement to the people of Gaza. I will address his lie following, below.

It is interesting to note the internationally-renowned roster of dignitaries that were counted among the flotilla travellers: It includes a former U.S. Ambassador (Edward Peck); former U.S. Congresswoman (Cynthia McKinney); 85 year-old Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein; an Irish Nobel Peace Prize winner; and multiple artists, politicians, peace activists and humanitarians from around the world.

Perhaps it would be best if the New York Times reporters assigned, sought broader scope for information and analysis than Israel's office of Public Relations.

Mid-2008 there was a mutually agreed-upon ceasefire between Israel and Gaza's duly elected Hamas political leadership. This ceasefire, it was clearly understood, was to have lead to more confidence-building measures including the lifting of the blockade and the normalizing of political relations between the two sides.

Hamas abided by the ceasefire. Rocketfire fell from hundreds a month, to 11 rockets in-total for the months of July, August, September and October combined. Hamas is not the only political faction in Gaza. They did their very best to contain the desperate and suffering people from fighting back against the starvation imposed by Israel.

The entire time, Israel, behind their backs, girded for total destruction of Gaza, with plenty of arms, bombs and chemical weapons donated from the U.S. government, instead.

Israel broke the ceasefire mid-November.

Over 1,400 people were killed - most of them civilians - during Israel's assault, which they code-named Operation Cast Lead. Over 20% of Gaza's farmland, crucially important for Gazans to feed themselves - destroyed; chicken farms - and the chickens - destroyed; water wells - destroyed; a third of schools - destroyed; the U.N.'s main food and medicine warehouse - destroyed - and on, and on, and on.

The above are not acts of self-defense. They are acts of pure racial hatred and genocide.

Israel does not want normalized peaceful relations with the Palestinians. Really. It doesn't matter what the Palestinians do, the results always remain the same.

The two-state 'solution' itself is a trick. Israel has absolutely no intention of permitting the Palestinians to have any actual freedom to rule themselves.

Israel does not want peace. Israel wants to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians out. They have done an admirable job of it.

Do all Israelis support this? Of course not. But obviously, there are not enough who want peace to overrule those who want something else far more.

Isreal's right-wing extremists are not our friends. We have absolutely nothing in common with them. They are violent racists.

(See: PDF document by Israel's intelligence community, pg. six, graph on rocket fire month to month 2008:


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