April 08, 2010

The question - How Can the U.S. Strengthen Global Efforts To Stop the Spread of Nuclear Weapons?

by Diane V. McLoughlin, writer, peace activist, Apr. 13, 2010
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The question: How Can the U.S. Strengthen Global Efforts To Stop the Spread of Nuclear Weapons?

Discourage nuclear energy use.

Encourage development of renewables.

Commit to swift elimination of 'depleted' uranium weapons-use. Admit they were a mistake. Provide clean-up and compensation to areas of the world now polluted by such weapons. Many babies in Iraq are now being born horrifically deformed.

Education: Encourage (concretely) the dissemination of knowledge - facts, figures, statistics, definition of mutually-assured destruction as well as the history - regarding how terrible nuclear weapons and nuclear waste is.

Continued mutually-agreed upon, as well as encouraged reductions in, the global stockpile;

Education, particularly of women - in developing countries education delivers a powerful change - it lowers the birthrate while it raises the bar on family quality of life; this in turn lowers want, deprivation and political instability.

Massively cut back on foreign adventures, the military budget, and the ridiculous number of military bases in the world.

Guard vigilantly against foreign espionage attempts to steal business, technological or state secrets.

Recommit to investing in the domestic economy, and make it much harder for corporations to take the best of America and then abandon her for slave labor abroad.

Encourage social uplift at home and abroad. 'Bread not bullets'.

Punish our domestic war criminals. Cut out the rank hypocrisy. Enforce the law, and demonstrate that no one is above the law.

Lead by example.

Quit interfering in the foreign affairs of other states. Quit deposing some while protecting despotic others to the detriment of the oppressed.

AIPAC must be registered as a foreign agent, as its predecessor rightly was.

The Israeli-Palestinian file must be taken on with a will for justice and peace. The facts on the ground created by Israel are such that, in truth, Israel is an Apartheid state.

Either Israel becomes one bi-national state with equal rights for both Jews and Palestinians or a true two-state according to pre-1967 borders - or cut Israel off of the annual billions in financial aid and military hardware.

Outlaw private financial donations to the State of Israel just as private financial donations are prevented from reaching the victims - the Palestinians.

In short, cut out the double-standards and the hypocrisy; make concrete efforts to reduce the stockpile; education and social uplift; renewables; collaboration; and solving the Israel-Palestine issue.

(No doubt I am forgetting to include other pertinent proposals.) I believe the above would help bring greater calm in international relations and make the world a better, safer place for all.

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