April 21, 2010

Excerpt: ShalomLife - B'Tselem Director Shocked at Senior Member's Extreme Blog

Published: April 19th 2010

Tempers are raging in Israel and within B’Tselem, following statements made by Lizi Sagi, the organization’s information director. As part of her duties at B’Tselem, Sagie is responsible for collecting and putting together the information found as part of the organization’s research.

In an article published Sunday in Globes, Israel’s financial newspaper, some of Sagie’s recent statements from her blog were revealed. The statements were first put together in another article in News1.
Sagie stated, among other things, that Yom Hazikaron (the Remembrance Day for Israeli Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terrorism) is a “pornographic circus” aimed at shutting mouths, and that she does not stand during the siren. She also said that torches should not be lit on Yom Ha’atzmaut since the Jewish state has stolen properties, murdered, and starved (among others), all in the name of Judaism.
Perhaps one of the most shocking statements made by Sagi, if not the most shocking, is her accusation that Israel is adhering to Nazi values:
“Israel is causing the greatest horrors of humanity ... Israel proves adherence to the values of Nazism. The answer to the Holocaust is not the State of Israel but rather the struggle against racism. The State of Israel itself demonstrates adherence to the values of Nazism: racial superiority, nationalism, linking a man with his country with as an existential necessity, the separation policy, the connection between loyalty and citizenship, demonizing the ‘other’ that ‘threatens’ survival and more ... in the face of it all, Israel cuts many coupons at the expense of Holocaust ...
“So what kind of nation are we? We do not set up gas chambers and extermination camps, but if such things existed, how many people would be actively opposed to this practice? We set up ghettos ... elected officials and clerics incite against Arabs and no one shuts them up ... So we are also killers, slaughterers (see Gaza lately), expellers, separate between a mother and her children by checkpoints... What kind of morals do we have?????? We do not have any! Our morality is an illusion and nothing more ...”...
ShalomLife - B'Tselem Director Shocked at Senior Member's Extreme Blog

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Apr 21st 2010 7:43 PM
Totally agree with Lizi Sagie’s profound analysis of Israel’s current extreme political mindset. What is shocking is the ignorance of anyone who continues to blindly defend Israel’s outrageously racist, cruelly inhumane treatment of the Palestinian people. I would say to commenter Rick Abrams, that the first rule in intelligent effective argument is to know what you are talking about. That helps. For Shalom Life readers’ interest, in recent days Israel has passed changes to military orders governing the illegal occupation of the West Bank. The change provides cover such that virtually tens of thousands of Palestinians could find themselves wrenched from their homes in both East Jerusalem and the OPT, their pockets emptied of up to the equivalent of $2,000 to cover their expulsion’s expense, or alternatively thrown in jail for seven years, all for the want of a piece of paper that even Palestinians born in the occupied territories cannot, could not get, were never given. This is precisely the kind of cold-blooded, calculating, bureaucratic evil that the Nazis were genius at - any Jews who survived Nazi Germany could tell you all about that. And it is this form of loathsome treatment and suffocating environment that Palestinians are daily subjected to in their own land.

ShalomLife - B'Tselem Director Shocked at Senior Member's Extreme Blog

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