April 30, 2010

Embarrassed for blind Zionism supporters

by Diane V. McLoughlin
main website:  mcloughlinpost.com

Apr. 30, 2010:  I'm an agnostic, so don't get me wrong, I'm not using the following quote to try to shill for any particular religion, but it seems to me that no truer words could possibly be spoken on the issue of blind defense of Israel than Christ's words attributed to him from the cross: 'forgive them, they know not what they do'.

Israel is not 'their' land, as is so blithely referred to of Jewish Zionists, not those portions owned and lived upon for millenia by Palestinians. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have been murdered or rendered homeless. When one asserts that Palestinian land is not Palestinian, what you are telling the world is that you are for murder.

The process of getting rid of the Palestinians is called ethnic cleansing. It is a disgusting racist enterprise that values one race over another. Let me give you a very direct example of precisely how racist the settler movement can actually be. In recent days, around November of last year, two extremist settler rabbis published a book comprising approximately 230 pages that define when and under what particular circumstances it is permissible to murder non-Jews - including babies.

(See: http://coteret.com/2009/11/09/settler-rabbi-publishes-the-complete-guide-to-killing-non-jews/ )

So when individuals describe themselves as proudly Zionist, one can't help but be more than a little embarrassed for them. I'm naive; I have a need to believe in the inherent goodness in most people, so I continue to assume that most people who instantly come out swinging in defense of 'Israel' have no idea what it is that they defend.

They are like 'Good Germans' of that evil era. Thing is, most people do not seem to be all that forgiving of the 'good German'- Germans who claimed they didn't know what was going on and thought they were just being good citizens supporting their country.

The only real peace possible at this point, in light of how much land has been stolen from the Palestinians, with the continual squeezing of the Palestinians into smaller and smaller prison-like compounds (Jews know such compounds in their European history as 'ghettos') - is one bi-national state with equal rights for all its citizens.

Imagine:: The one thing that Zionists fear above all else is to be forced to accept Palestinians as equal citizens with equal rights. They intrinsically believe that Palestinians are lesser human beings; that this would be the equivalent of the end of the world.

It would not be the end of the world if Israel were one embracing country of all its citizens both Jewish and Palestinian. It would be the beginning of a brighter, more peaceful and more just one. It will require dedicated advocacy from American grassroots organizing, because America's leadership tends to follow rather than lead. This brighter tomorrow must come, it will come and we must all do all that we can to help it to fruition.

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