April 25, 2010

Comment on Israel is Also Guilty « From a Different Angle

by Diane V. McLoughlin, writer, peace activist, Apr. 22, 2010
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Dear Mr. Dahov-Halevi,

It is my considered view that the most serious threat to Jews in Israel are the extremists within who are bent on the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people, and the blind apologists without, who, in most cases, I believe really have no idea that their dream of Israel does not match with the reality of Israel’s odious, immoral, cruel behavior.

More than one testament I have read of a Jew’s shocked and painful exposure to the reality of the outrageous mistreatment of the Palestinians. You are a researcher. I am not familiar with your work, but I did read a good piece of yours recently that refuted the black propaganda that smeared Palestinians suggesting they were marrying off girls of ten years of age. I appreciated it.

A researcher must have an unbiased approach and a ceaseless, ruthless need to ferret out the truth no matter in which direction it may lay. To me, your article on Israel's defense  suggests you would tailor the facts to support your bias. I could be wrong. I hope I am. Israel’s very insecurity lies in its being torn between right and wrong.

Your beef is that Israel is guilty of not coming out with a strong enough defense against the serious charges of war crimes committed in Gaza. If Israel were truly defensible, surely one would begin – now – today; asking the questions, seeking the facts, then answering the questions and refuting the charges.

If there is any truth to the charges, what then? For a country, as well as a loved individual, do we allow them to continue on the path to self-ruination? Or do we take the harder more rewarding path of reflection, moral conviction, and right choices moving forward? No country, no individual, can reasonably expect blessed peace while committing gross injustices against others. I fear being misunderstood or attacked; I fear my dependence on my own words – poorly chosen and woefully inadequate to the hope – of peace.

Israel is Also Guilty « From a Different Angle; Dahov-Halevi; Shalom Life

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