March 05, 2010

Ontario MPP Peter Shurman responds to The McLoughlin Post on Israeli Apartheid Week

Subject: RE: The McLoughlin Post proudly supports Israeli Apartheid Week - and you should too.
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2010 15:29:10 -0500

Thank you for your email regarding the resolution that I presented and debated with my fellow MPPs in the Ontario Legislative Assembly on February 25th.

Please allow me to remind you of two things.

Firstly, my job as the MPP for Thornhill is to take positions on issues that are of importance to my constituents. I would also add that sometimes we will agree and sometimes we won’t.

Secondly, my argument is a simple one, even though others wish to expand upon it further. Simply put, I argue that the use of the term, “apartheid” is prejudicial to any meaningful dialogue before that dialogue even begins. Until all sides are represented in discussions on campuses and elsewhere, it is clear to me that the current starting point is not a level playing field.

Our objection is not to the discussion of the problems in the Middle East; it is that we reject the use of the word “apartheid” with respect to the democratic State of Israel.

The word, “apartheid” is assumptive and declaratory and assumes certain things. It is wrong to ascribe such a term to the State of Israel.

I stand by the resolution and maintain my motivation for bringing it forward.

Peter Shurman MPP (Thornhill)
The McLoughlin Post responds with Barak or Shurman, Who Is Right?

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