March 18, 2010

Is Fayyad Mad?

My comment to Thomas Friedman's: Let’s Fight Over a Big Plan'; NYT
by Diane V. McLoughlin, Mar. 17, 2010
McLoughlin Post

For Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad to even think of announcing the West Bank an independent state while over 400,000 violently racist settlers live scattered throughout the depth and breadth of the West Bank on stolen Palestinian lands, and while 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza continue to starve nder Israel's three year and counting military blockade, suggests he is either completely delusional or a stooge for the Israeli regime.

As A, B follows. There is no possibility of a two-state solution. Palestinians and Jews live together all mixed in already if we look at a demographic map, but with a difference in rules based on race.

The two-state solution is a deliberately distracting illusion. What is real is that Israel is an Apartheid regime where one preferred race holds all the power and all the votes and wants to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians out of their homeland. The discarded race, the Palestinians, are denied the vote, are oppressed, and have their human rights violated at every turn.

You cannot be a democratic state and be a state dedicated to one race. 20% of Israel's citizenry is Palestinian, in addition to the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. And yes, because this is so there are those in Israel who espouse uprooting 20% of the populace and casting them out.

And American taxpayers are forced to give billions to Israel, that's billions with a 'b', each and every year in support of it. We give Israel the bucks, bullets and the bombs that pay for settlements, kill Palestinians, even burn them with white phosphorus bombs as we all witnessed on our television screens during Israel's betrayal of the peace process when Israel broke the ceasefire with Hamas. That's what the white streaky trails were falling out of the sky. Chemical weapons. Only these weren't Saddam Hussein's chemical weapons. Oh, no. Those were our chemical weapons being fired on a defenseless civilian population.

There is only one way to bring peace to this region. It is up to the people of the world, just as with South Africa's own Apartheid regime, to peacefully boycott, divest and sanction Israel ourselves until both the Jews and the Palestinians have equal rights to live free.

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