March 22, 2010

A Dire Warning Regarding Protecting American Civil Liberties and McCain-Lieberman bill S.3081

Former Presidential candidate and Senator, John McCain, and Senator Joseph Lieberman et al., have a proposed set of laws in Senate bill, S.3081. This bill  would give the government the power to lock up anyone, even Americans, at home or abroad, without charge or trial, indefinitely. To me this is ominous. ( See: Sec. 5: )

The reason why tyrants, dictators and fascists manage to take power, is in part because they ensure that laws they need to get away with what they want to do are put in place first. 

And good people will insist on believing that no one will abuse bad laws against good people. They are wrong. 

The trick is to protect the country diligently against bad law so that bad law will not in turn be used by bad people. S.3081 is bad law. Is the McCain, Lieberman cabal using America's distraction with the health care debate to try to ram S.3081 through? I don't know.

But I think it is a damn good question.

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  1. I get the feeling if McCain has his way Americans will be treated like a Palestinian trying to get into Jerusalem when we go to the grocery store.Get out of town McCain,you senile old man and take Lieberman with you.If this is what America has become its better America falls into the pages of history,the sooner the better.