March 15, 2010

Commenting on NYT article: Contractors Tied to Effort to Track and Kill Militants - Readers' Comments -

Diane V. McLoughlin

March 15th, 2010
3:48 pm

Let me speak plainly. Anyone, and I mean anyone, involved in aiding, abetting or illegally justifying the assassination of anyone: here, abroad, in Pakistan, on Venus or the spinning Moon - gets treated like the common criminal he or she is and finds themselves thrown in jail awaiting their day in court. Enemy combatants, traitors and terrorists - I am sure they will find our newly watered down forms of justice to be equally ample when the shoe is on the other foot. Bush I and II, Schwarzkopf, Rove, Yoo, Bybee, Cheney, Bolton, Rumsfeld, Rice, Powell, B. Clinton, Carter et al...investigations are overdue. As James Buchanan points out, republic or empire - never both. Empires - grasping, ever-expanding, greedily controlling - do NOT survive. The hordes of the enraged come together to wipe their oppressors out. Now, I don't know if there is a single instance in human history of an empire in-the-making pulling back and giving it up as a bad habit. But if the U.S. doesn't wish to join failed empires in the waste bin of history it better start trying. I don't give a flying fig whether or not these extrajudicial killings were officially sanctioned or off the books. It's wrong, and we've been up to this garbage (read, for example, Pilger; Blum; Hedges) of killing people who refused to dance to our resource profiteering tune and it is time to quit - once and for all. -

Contractors Tied to Effort to Track and Kill Militants - Readers' Comments -

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