March 27, 2010

A brief comment on the importance of exposing government black propaganda

by Diane V. McLoughlin
main website:  The McLoughlin Post

My thoughts on government black propaganda: The purpose in telling people that a government is up to no good  is to shine a light on it so people may recognize manipulation for evil when they see it; hopefully they will be stronger to resist it when subjected to it; and will be inspired by the condemnation of it by others to resist and condemn it themselves. 

Personally I would have thought this was obvious.  As I have been asked in a comment thread what's the point, apparently, and disturbingly, I was quite wrong.

The conversation arose from my posting an Yvonne Ridley link to her article: Be Sure the Truth Will Find You Out.  (March 25 2010; Information Clearing House.)  Ridley discloses that the U.K. government deliberately used subterfuge to smear the Palestinian people so as to discourage objection or protest from the citizenry regarding Israel's assault on Gaza.

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