February 23, 2010

I vociferously object to trade, support or normalization of ties to Apartheid Israel‏

Premier McGuinty,

It has come to my attention that you intend, on behalf of
the taxpayers of Ontario, to foster trade ties
with the State of Israel.

I cannot state my objection to this morally bankrupt move strongly enough.

Israel is a criminal Apartheid regime that daily commits horrific crimes
against the powerless Palestinian people. These crimes include denial of
access to education, justice or medical care. Their taxes are stolen from
them. They are denied access to water. They are
denied security of persons. The State of Israel destroys their homes, their
livelihoods, their crops and orchards, civilian infrastructure, and any hope for the future of their
suffering children.

Far from encouraging normalization of ties with Israel, I demand that my political representatives
boycott, divest and sanction the racist, criminal state of Israel until the odious siege of Gaza
is lifted, and the military occupation of the West Bank comes to an end.

How dare you propose support from Ontarians for the oppression and ethnic cleansing
of the Palestinian people.

Writer and activist,

Diane V. McLoughlin


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